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I want your vote on the next new product to bring in!

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

Glass Petals:

Once I have all of the Diamond Shaped colors in stock, the next new product I want to bring in are glass petals. But, I'm stumped. My supplier has 3 different petal shapes/styles available. So I'm putting it to a vote. 


Comment on this blog post as to what style you would like to see for sale at Kismet Mosaic. You get to choose between Style 1, Style 2, and Style 3 as seen below.


Petal 1: These are a mix of 2 sizes. The smaller are 14 x 6mm x 5mm thick, the larger are 21 x 9.5mm x 5mm thick.

Petal 1


Petal 2: Again, this is a mix of sizes from 20-30mm, all are 4mm thick

Petal 3: Another mix of sizes from 11-20mm, all are 4mm thick.Petal 3


  • I like the shape of #1 but I wish it was 4mm thick. #3 would be my next pick. Is there a price difference?

    Kathy on

  • Petal 1

    Nancy T on

  • Petal 2

    Robin on

  • $2

    Jeri on

  • I’d prefer petals no.1 because the shape allows for more design options. Just as an aide, I love the colour!!!

    Patrizia brasch on

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