Italian Mirror Glass

Italian Mirror Glass

*** New Product - Limited Availability ***

Handmade mirror glass direct from Italy.

This glass is unlike most other mirror glass you will find and is gorgeous. Give your mosaic some extra classy mirror glass.

  • 20x15cm (7.87"x5.9") - one full sheet
  • 4mm thickness
  • Use a glass scoring cutter (like a Toyo cutter) and then break with running pliers.
  • Can be used outdoors and in wet areas. But, should be vertically oriented and not in freezing areas.
  • Use only thinset, silicone or Apoxie sculpt as adhesive. Do not use Weldbond or PVA type glue. Mirror mastic (available at any Home Depot) is the best choice for adhesive.
  • For best results to limited degrading of foil backing, seal the back and sides of cut mirror with a mirror sealant. 

** These sheets of mirror glass are fragile. Shipping is at your own risk. We do package as securely as possible.

** Note: These sheets must be packaged in a box (no padded envelope) for shipping. The shipping calculator may over estimate the box size (and thus shipping charge) at check-out. I always refund any excess shipping fee and try to get in smallest box possible that still safely ships your product.