Krystal Assorted

Kismet Krystal Assorted Colors

Our newest collection of gorgeous, colorful and glassy Crystal "Krystal" glass tiles. You will love these glass tiles that are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

The colorant is fused to the back of these glass tiles and then high fired in kiln. This creates a beautiful rounded edge and extremely smooth finish. You are literally looking through glass at the color. Cuts fairly cleanly. Use traditional wheeled nippers. 

Square (10mm or about 3/8") and (20mm or about 3/4") assortments come in 3 quantities:

  • 4oz - approx 140 pieces (10mm) and 29 pieces (20mm)
  • 8oz - approx 280 pieces (10mm) and 58 pieces (20mm)
  • 16oz (1 pound) - approx 560 pieces (10mm) and 116 pieces (20mm)

Circle (15mm or about 5/8") assortment comes in 3 quantities:

  • 4oz - approximately 67 pieces
  • 8oz - approximately 133 pieces
  • 16oz (1 pound) - approximately 266 pieces.


  • 10mm squares: approximately 730 tiles per S.F.
  • 20mm squares: approximately 196 tiles per S.F.

These glass tiles are suitable for wet areas, including pools, showers and spa areas. 

  • The tiles come loose and require no soaking.
  • Sun can fade these tiles after years of direct sunlight.