MDF Shapes

Our MDF shapes are made of new high quality cabinet grade MDF. They are designed to hold paint well, and are easy to work with, and there is little, if any sanding required.

** Indoor use only! Wood-based surfaces are not meant for outside use.

Most come with key-hole for easy hanging. Just place a screw in the wall and hang the shape. (A few of the very small pieces do not have the key-holes: Leaf and High Heel)

Note: Normal manufacturing processes sometimes produce small variances in color, surface, and appearance. These variations will not affect the intended function of the shape. All mosaic surfaces are sold unfinished.

Weldbond Glue can be used to adhere the mosaic glass to these surfaces. If the finished product is to be used in a humid area (such as a bathroom) you might want to coat the MDF with a product like KILZ or several coats of Weldbond glue diluted with water (1:1 ratio).


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