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NinaGlass Teal Green

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Recycled Glass Product

This product is made by my friend Nina K. by adding Thompson Enamel powders to window glass. In her work she adds textures to the color through sgraffito (scratching through the powder to the clear glass layer). These pieces, however, are solid colored. Because the enamel powder becomes part of the glass it will never scratch or chip off, and will not fade.

Because this is kiln-fired item it has rounded edges. These can be removed as you cut into the glass with a wheeled glass nipper or glass nipper.  

Pieces are sold in 4" x 4" squares (or an equal quantity of smaller pieces) and are 4mm thick (the same thickness as our Kismet square tiles). They are best cut with wheeled tile nippers but can be cut with a glass cutter and breaker bar or glass grozer.

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