NO Days

We are now a proud supplier of NO DAYS Mosaic adhesives, including Mosaic Mesh, Mosaic Adhesive Film and Groutless. These are wonderful products for mosaic artists (beginner to profession) to simplify the adhesive process.

Why No Days Mosaic Mesh?

  • Allows mosaics to be easily transported and mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Designed for both indoor or outdoor mosaic application
  • Cure small areas, large areas or entire mosaic at once
  • Easily re-work or remove glass or tile pieces if necessary
  • Allows you to build on horizontal surface and mount your mosaic vertically
  • Bond glass or tiles to mesh using a standard heat gun or NO Days Universal Curing Station
  • Non-Toxic, No Fume Byproduct

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Product Benefits

  • Bonds to a variety of surfaces (direct method)
  • Designed for both interior and exterior application
  • Quicker and cleaner than using liquid or cement adhesives
  • Clear film design allows you to see or trace your pattern
  • Non-toxic, no fume byproduct
  • Available in sheets or rolls

NO Days Groutless is a thick heat activated colored adhesive sheet designed not only to adhere tiles to a variety of substrates but also to fill in your grout lines between tiles during heating. Groutless provides you a one step process by allowing you to use your glue as your grout when creating glass art mosaics. 

  • quickly secures glass, ceramic and stone tiles to substrates
  • thick adhesive sheet design fills in grout lines during heating
  • one step glue and grout process
  • easily cut dry adhesive sheet to size match your substrate
  • activate adhesive with a heat gun or embossing heat tool
  • quick curing, non-toxic and easy to apply
  • glass tiles are re-workable, just re-apply heat
  • best of all......NO need to grout at the end!

 There are video instructions on each product page.