Grab Bag--Brown Vitreous Glass Tile

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You'll get 1 pound of vitreous glass tile in this Grab Bag. It's like a present you're buying for yourself, or a gift for someone else who loves mosaics. 

This product will contain a variety of blue tiles, some loose, some either paper-faced or mesh-backed.  

Between my personal studio (this type of tile was my first mosaic love) and the acquisition of Kismet Mosaic in 2019 I have so many vitreous glass tile from a variety of manufacturers and it's time to clean house.

At some point I hope to carry these tiles again, but right now they aren't a high priority and Mosaic Art Supply has a phenomenal selection.


From The Joy of Shards: "Vitreous glass tiles are thin, square mosaic tesserae. One side is normally curved and ridged for better grip on the adhesive. The other face is flat. They can be cut with tile nippers and offer a wide range of colors. Advantages are the durability of the material (suitable for outdoor use), and the fact that they produce an even, flat finished surface. For these reasons they are also used as a building material for cladding and decoration."
Inventory 10/17/22