About Sibel Hananel

Hello all,
A bit about me!
I'm originally Turkish and lived all my life in Istanbul till 4 years ago.
I was tourist guide for Israeli people in Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris and Istanbul for 15 years..
7 years ago I started to mosaic and since than I'm into mosaics more than everything else in my life.
4 years ago, my father was very ill and we immigrated to Israel for the treatments..
I had to work but did not know on what..
I was in contact with some great mosaic artists in world and asked Giulio Menossi if he can give us a workshop and that is how i started to bring every year few masters to Israel and Istanbul.
I organized workshops for : 
  • Giulio Menossi 5 times in Israel and 2 workshops in Istanbul.
  • Mia Tavonatti - 2 workshops
  • John Sollinger - 2 workshops and he is coming again on Dec.2017 for 2 more workshops.
  • Dino Maccini - 3 times /4 workshops in Israel and a full class is waiting for him on April 2018.
  • Laura Rendlen - 2 workshops and she is coming again on Feb.2018 for an other 2 workshops.
  • Leenart Koorman - Dutch portraiture painter- Acrylic modern portraiture painting class..
  • Organized many presentation evenings for these artists and for Lilian Broca too.
On 2014 we had a very serious war and in this war time, under the sirens, i organized all my mosaic artist friends to make a volunteered mosaic mural for children dept. at Barzilay Hospital in Ashkelon. The design was voluntary made by dearest, great artist and friend Lilian Broca.
I'm also importing mosaic tools, chopping machine, glasses and natural stones that we do not have in Israel.
Have lots to tell as we all do..:) Prefer to hear from you and tell the rest when u will be here..:) 
Very excited just thinking of that you will visit Israel and I will be with you all along the tour to show you MY ISRAEL ..
You will be very welcome..:)