Susan Wechsler Workshop - 2017

These are photos from the workshop in May 2017 at Kismet Studio.

Some women created a mask, shrine and other a Master memory dress.

Susan students Carrie WIP
The women of the 2017 Workshop!! :) Carrie Work-in-Progress (Red, White and Blue theme)
Kim WIP Linda WIP
Kim Work-In-Progress Linda (Shrine Layout)
Peg Layout Theresa WIP
Peg Layout and Design Theresa Work-In-Progress
Robin WIP Theresa Grouting
Robin Mask Work-In-Progress Theresa Grouting
Carrie Grouting Peg Grouting
Carrie Grouting Peg Grouting
Linda Final Shrine Peg Final
Linda Shrine finished Peg Memory Dress Finished
Carrie Final
Carrie Memory Dress finished Theresa Gonzales completed Memory Dress