Blue 3 - Italian Mirror Glass

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Blue 3 - Italian Mirror Glass

Handmade mirror glass direct from Italy.

This glass is unlike most other mirror glass you will find and is gorgeous. Give your mosaic some extra classy mirror glass.

  • 20x15cm (7.87"x5.9") - one full sheet
  • 4mm thickness
  • Use a glass scoring cutter (like a Toyo cutter) and then break with running pliers.
  • Can be used outdoors and in wet areas. But, should be vertically oriented and not in freezing areas.
  • Use only thinset, silicone or Apoxie sculpt as adhesive. Do not use Weldbond or PVA type glue.

** These sheets of mirror glass are fragile. Shipping is at your own risk. We do package as securely as possible.

** Note: These sheets must be packaged in a box (no padded envelope) for shipping. The shipping calculator may over estimate the box size (and thus shipping charge) at check-out. I always refund any excess shipping fee and try to get in smallest box possible that still safely ships your product.