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NO Days Heat Gun

**This is a Special Order item. Will take approximately 1 week for delivery **

High Performance Heat Gun designed for heating all of our NO Days Adhesive products.

2 Temperature Settings:

  • Low Setting: 140ºF / 60ºC
  • Variable Heat High Setting: 140ºF - 1000ºF / 60ºC - 550ºC

The NO Days Heat Gun’s high temperature output allows you to apply our glazing and adhesive products quickly and efficiently.  This high quality heat gun is not only an optimal tool for heating NO Days Adhesive Products, but also a handy tool for other uses around the home and studio including:

  • Softening and Removing Silicon and Putty
  • Drying Glass Paints
  • Drying Kilnwash on Kiln Shelves
  • Softening and Removing Paint & Varnish
  • Warming and Removing Hard to Remove Labels
  • Apply Shrink Tubing
  • Thawing Frozen Metal Pipes
  • Stripping Paint from Window Sills

Power: 120 Volt, 9.5/12.5Amp, 60Hz

Wattage: 1000 low / 1500 high

On/Off Rocker Switch

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

NOTE: The low setting on the heat gun will not activate No Days Adhesives. It is for warming and drying paints, kiln wash, frozen pipes or locks. The high setting is for activating No Days Adhesives. For tips on using the heat gun on mosaics, see these video instructions.