Most 8mm Matte Tile Is Being Discontinued

k627 - Gold Ripple Chrome

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Gold Ripple - Chrome-plated Glass Tile - 20mm (3/4")

Please note: this color is being discontinued. When the current stock is gone this color number will be as well.

Crystal Chrome Mosaic Glass Tile with Rippled texture

This Chrome tile has the chrome-plating applied to the top of the tile.

20mm (3/4"), 4mm depth:

    • 2oz - approximately 15 pieces
    • 4oz - approximately 29 pieces
    • 8oz - approximately 57 pieces
    • 16oz (1 pound) - approximately 115 pieces.

    Suitable for interior applications only. Should NOT be subjected to wet areas.

    • If you need to cut these tiles, use scoring tool with running pliers. DO NOT use wheeled nippers as will damage them.
    • * The tiles come loose and require no soaking.


    • 20mm squares: 196 tiles per S.F.