Kismet Charcoal Grout

Kismet Mosaic

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Kismet - Charcoal Grout

2 lb container

This grout is an ultra premium, fine-aggregate, fast-setting, polymer-modified, color-consistent, non-shrinking, efflorescence-free grout for joint widths from 1/16" to 3/4". This product contains no Portland Cement which reduces the issues of color consistency and efflorescence. Offering higher polymer content and increased stain resistance. This grout is formulated with 10% recycled content and meets the ANSI A138.1 specification for GreenSquared certification.

Where to Use

Commercial and residential applications. Suitable for both interior and exterior installations. For joint widths from 1/16" to 3/4".


Before grouting, make sure that the tiles or stones are firmly set and that the adhesive or mortar is completely dry. Clean the tile or stone surface thoroughly to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants.


Before mixing the grout with water, dry-blend the product to avoid color variations in the finished grout, which may arise from pigment settling during shipment. Mix with cool, clean water only. Do not mix with grout additives.

  • Mix by using approximately 3 parts grout to one part water.
  • Pour the required measured amount of grout into a clean container.
  • Gradually add the proportionate amount of clean, cool water into the center of grout while mixing slowly. You can mix by hand with a large spoon, paint stick or mixer on low speed.
  • Mix thoroughly for about 3 to 5 minutes, or until obtaining a smooth, creamy, homogenous paste consistency and a uniform shading of the colored grout.
  • Avoid air entrapment from prolonged mixing, which will shorten the pot life.
  • Allow the grout to sit (“slake”) in the container for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Remix for about 30 seconds without adding more liquid or powder.
  • Wash tools immediately with fresh water.

    Product Application

    • Use only at temperatures between 50°F and 100°.
    • To aid in spreading the grout, slightly moisten the tile or stone surface with a damp sponge just before application. Do not flood the tiles or allow water to stand in the un-grouted joint areas.
    • Take a spoonful of the grout and place onto un-grouted area of the mosaic. Force the grout into the joints with a grout spreader, your fingers (using gloves), a damp (not wet) sponge or a rubber grout float (for larger mosaics). Make sure all joints are well-compacted and free of voids and gaps.
    • Remove excess grout from the tile surface with your damp sponge or by moving the grout float diagonally to the joints while the grout is still fresh.
    • The grout surface should be flush with the tile edge.


    Wear particulate mask when working with the dry grout as it contains particles that should not be inhaled. Use disposable gloves to protect hands.

    Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children and animals always.