Krystal Valentine's Mix 20mm

Kismet Mosaic

$ 3.00 


20 MM Krystal Valentine's Mix

This mix contains equal portions of:


K288--Pastel Pink

K291--Red and

K294--Ballet Slippers


20mm (3/4"), 4mm depth:

    • 4oz - approximately 29 pieces
    • 8oz - approximately 58 pieces
    Suitable for interior and exterior applications. The colorant is fused to the back of these glass tiles and then high fired in kiln. This creates a beautiful rounded edge and extremely smooth finish. Cuts fairly cleanly. Use wheeled nippers to cut.
    • The tiles come loose and require no soaking.
    • Sun can fade these tiles after years of direct sunlight.
    20mm squares: 196 tiles per S.F.