Lexel (5oz)

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Lexel 5oz


    •  Tough: Survives routine scrubbing with household cleaners, including abrasive cleaners.
    •  Super elastic: When the surface moves, Lexel moves. No cracking, tearing, or pulling away for a lasting, permanent seal.
    •  Instantly waterproof: No waiting and wondering necessary. Use the sink or shower right away.
    •  Cured sealant is mold and mildew resistant: Keep unsightly and unhealthy growths where they belong – in a lab, not on your caulk.
    •  Sticks to wet surfaces: Dry weather may be days away. Lexel can be applied today.
    •  Ultra clear sealant: In fact, it’s 19x clearer than silicone. It won’t yellow and won’t go cloudy. This makes the product great for transparent mosaic projects (as Glass on Glass).
    •  Won’t freeze: Feel free to leave it in your truck or garage overnight. It’ll be fine in the morning.

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