Mantis - Royal Mosa Tile

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Mantis - Royal Mosa - Ceramic Tile

Not recommended for outdoor use.

Not suitable for floors in wet areas as can be slippery.

** The tiles are low-fired and quite fragile. Shipping is at your own risk.

Usages (include but are not limited to):
• Walls, Kitchens, Bathrooms
• Architectural and hobby indoor

These ceramic tiles work nicely with these product that have same thickness:

Note: These tiles must be packaged in a box (no padded envelope) for shipping. The shipping calculator (by Shopify) may over estimate the box size (and thus shipping charge) at check-out. I always refund any excess shipping fee and try to get in smallest box possible that still safely ships your product. See below for approximately what you can expect to be the closest shipping prices.

Shipping Estimates (for the U.S.):

  • 1-12 pieces: $8.50 (Regional Rate A USPS Box - Priority Mail) - leftover space for 6.25lbs of other small products.
  • 13-25 pieces: $13.60 (Medium USPS Box - Priority Mail) - leftover space for 5.6 lbs of other small products for 13 or 14 ceramic pieces. No leftover space if 25 pieces.
  • 26-48 pieces: $18.85 (Large USPS Box - Priority Mail) - no leftover space if 38 or more pieces.