Martin Cheek Workshop - 2018

Kismet Mosaic

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Martin Cheek - Fusing and Pet Portraiture Workshops

March 22-23 (Fusing), March 24-25 (Pet Portraiture), 2018

Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Daily (break one hour for lunch)

We will be offering a 2-part workshop for 2018.

Fusing Workshop - 2 days

Martin Cheek has pioneered the use of hand made glass fusions in the making of creating a mosaic. When he first started incorporating fused glass into his mosaic work more than thirty years ago, purists said that they weren’t ‘proper’ mosaics. Martin carried on regardless and all these years later, ‘Fused glass mosaics’ are now accepted into common consciousness. Martin’s sixth book ‘Fused Glass Mosaics’ helped to prove his point!

Martin is a master of this process and when he runs his workshops, he has on hand, hundreds of fused glass pieces to choose from that you can experiment with in your own creations during this workshop.

This has proved so popular with students that many have asked if they can make their own glass fusions. This course offers you that opportunity.

The course will be lots of hands on work creating mosaic pieces, practical demonstrations, slide-show presentations, and individual instruction, all of which are aimed to ensure that each student learns the art of creating their own glass and learns more about their own creative, personal style.

Glass cutting, shaping techniques and design elements and techniques will be covered. 

Students will bring their own image design or inspirational reference and during the workshop, make their own original handmade glass fusions. The idea is that these resulting glass fusions will then be used as part of your mosaic work.

What to bring: Please bring two identical copies of your mosaic design(s). They should be the same size as your mosaic will be. One copy is to cut out and use as template(s) and the other copy is for your reference.

Pet Portraiture Workshop - 2 days

British mosaic artist and author Martin Cheek returns to offer a special 2-day workshop on how to creatively use glass fusions to add dynamic personality characteristics and texture to your favorite animal!

This course aims to make the student think about the character and personality of your pet. It asks:

What is your mosaic about?  And, I don’t just mean a cat or a dog. 

Martin will teach cutting, shaping and classical layout techniques of the tesserae along with some slide shows of Martin’s work.  He will demonstrate how the use of glass fusions can affect your finished piece, and work with you in providing guidance as you work through your own design and creation.   You know your pet as well as you know anyone, so let’s see if we can capture HIM or HER in your mosaic!

Martin is happy for you to email your design to him in advance, in order to discuss this with you.  If you choose to do so, please begin your inquiries with Martin at LEAST 30 days prior to the class.

Students will each work on a mesh (size 12”x12“ OR 12”x16“). Supplies will include smalti, glass tile, kismet tile, stained glass, millefiori, use of tools and handmade glass fusions by Martin Cheek. Extra fusions will be available to purchase during the workshop if desired. To see more of Martin’s work go to:

Note: Students can request Martin to custom design a fusion for their project. Deadline for this is January 4, 2018. Please contact Martin Cheek directly for details.


  • Fusing Workshop: $295 per person
  • Pet Portraiture Workshop: $295 per person
  • Both Workshops: $500 (that is 15% off total value)
  • One $50 deposit will be required to hold a spot in either workshop.

Supplies: Up to $60 per person per workshop (payable at workshop)

Location: Kismet Mosaic 164 East Ave Woodstown, NJ 08098

About Martin Cheek

Martin Cheek website

** All images are mosaic artwork by Martin Cheek. Please do not copy any images without prior permission from Martin Cheek.

Example of steps to creation of "Zeus" mosaic

 Zeus - Step 1 (Picture) Zeus - Step 2 (fused pieces fired)
Zeus - Step 3 (WIP) Zeus - Step 4 (WIP)
Zeus - Step 5 (WIP) Zeus - Final


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