Mosaic Adhesive Film

Kismet Mosaic

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NO Days Adhesive Film

This adhesive film is a superior alternative to messy, weak and inconsistent liquid adhesive products.  Use it to adhere all types of mosaic tiles to a variety of substrates including wood, glass, cement, drywall and medium density fiber board (MDF).

Comes in 48"x12" sheets. We sell 1-sheet, 2-sheet and 5-sheet sizes.

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Product Benefits

  • Bonds to a variety of surfaces (direct method)
  • Designed for both interior and exterior application
  • Quicker and cleaner than using liquid or cement adhesives
  • Clear film design allows you to see or trace your pattern
  • Non-toxic, no fume byproduct
  • Available in sheets or rolls
  • Video Instructions

Note about outdoor use:

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Film was designed with outdoor weather conditions in mind. The elevated phase-change temperature (point at which it is heated and changes from a solid to a liquid) is 160F/71C. This temperature is high enough that it cannot be reactivated by outdoor weather conditions.