Mosaic Mesh

Kismet Mosaic

$ 53.00 


NO Days Mosaic Mesh

This fiberglass mesh is designed for mounting mosaics indirectly to your substrate. The mesh is coated with our proprietary NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, a heat activated adhesive that allows you to quickly and securely bond your tiles to the mesh before permanently installing your mosaic using cement, thinset or mortar.

Comes in 48"x12" sheets. We sell 1-sheet and 5-sheet quantities.

Why No Days Mosaic Mesh?

  • Allows mosaics to be easily transported and mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Designed for both indoor or outdoor mosaic application
  • Cure small areas, large areas or entire mosaic at once
  • Easily re-work or remove glass or tile pieces if necessary
  • Allows you to build on horizontal surface and mount your mosaic vertically
  • Bond glass or tiles to mesh using a standard heat gun or NO Days Universal Curing Station
  • Non-Toxic, No Fume Byproduct
  • Video Instructions