NO Days - Groutless

Kismet Mosaic

$ 5.50 


NO Days Groutless

Groutless is a thick heat activated colored adhesive sheet designed not only to adhere tiles to a variety of substrates but also to fill in your grout lines between tiles during heating. Groutless provides you a one step process by allowing you to use your glue as your grout when creating glass art mosaics.

Comes in a 12"x12" roll.

Why use Groutless?

  • quickly secures glass, ceramic and stone tiles to substrates
  • thick adhesive sheet design fills in grout lines during heating
  • one step glue and grout process
  • easily cut dry adhesive sheet to size match your substrate
  • activate adhesive with a heat gun or embossing heat tool
  • quick curing, non-toxic and easy to apply
  • glass tiles are re-workable, just re-apply heat
  • best of all......NO need to grout at the end!
  • Video Instructions