Unfinished 5x7 Picture Frame

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Unfinished 5x7 Picture Frame

Create your own mosaic frame

* Single matted for 4x6 picture.

* Border area to mosaic is 1.5".

* Thickness of frame is 3/4". 

* Comes with easel stand for vertical or horizontal arrangement.


Unfinished Picture Frame (made from Basswood) for creating your own mosaic art.


1. Remove Easel, glass and mat. Set aside until project is completed and dried.

2. Lightly sand the front and sides of frame.

3. Seal all wood of frame with diluted mixture (1:1 ratio) of Weldbond glue. Apply 2 or 3 coats.

4. Apply Kismet glass, beads, stained glass, etc to frame (front side only) with Weldbond glue.

5. Wait 2 or 3 days after glue has dried to grout the finished mosaic frame. 

6. Thoroughly clean frame after grout has dried. 

7. Optional: Paint sides and back of frame with any acrylic paint. Possibly to match your mosaic glass.

8. Re-assemble frame with mat, picture, glass and easel.