Decor: Unglazed Porcelain 50mmx50mm

e carry Winckelman's porcelain tile. 

Winckelmans was founded in 1867 in northern France and originally specialized in stoneware. Vitrification of the entire tile provides them with an extremely long life. These tiles are durable and especially resilient, they are easy to maintain; they keep their original appearance for many years. Adapted for commercial use, they are able to withstand high levels of traffic. Being almost impervious, they are suitable for use in all environments, indoors or out, on floors and walls and in wet or dry conditions.

This porcelain tile is remarkably durable and resilient, and can be used for all inside and outside mosaics, flooring and paving. It has a nonslip finish and is an excellent choice for all interior or exterior applications. If using in wet areas, remember to seal this tile with a stone sealer to prevent water or chalk markings and stains.

--Sheet of 36 tiles
--Each tile is 50x50x58 mm thick (2" x 2" x 5/16"). 
--Each sheet measures .314m or12.375" x 12.375"
--Full bodied vitrified porcelain
--Extremely hard wearing
--Matte, non-slip finish
--Suitable for floors or commercial applications
--Suitable for use indoors and outside, in all weather

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