Kismet Recycled Glass - Product Info

Where do the Kismet Recycled Mosaic tiles come from?

The Kismet line of recycled glass tile is manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey. Another bonus - they are from recycled glass. The factory in Istanbul recycles crushed window glass from a nearby window pane company to a fine powder and adds natural oxides.  This is recycling at its best!   They are not poured into a mold; instead they use a 'sintered' process which stamps the raw material into individually pressed mosaic shapes. Conveyed through a linear kiln, these small pieces emerge after fusing and annealing as the strongest, most durable glass mosaic on the market. 

The result is 60 beautiful colors in 3 different finishes and several sizes and shapes. That equals over 360 choices just in the 8mm and 12mm!  I do not know of any other line with such a vast color palette.   In addition, they cut like a dream - no glass dust or debris.  Kismet provides lots of colors and even more values of the same hue.  In addition, the 8mm are so small I barely have to do any cutting - I love that! People with arthritis enjoy the 8mm pieces as it's so small it often doesn't need to be cut at all!

*UV and Frost resistant

*Can be used indoors and outdoors

Kismet Gloss: the natural, shiny essence of glass

Kismet Iridescents: Iridescent colors have been made by adding metallic compounds to the glass and reheating it in a reducing atmosphere. Absolutely gorgeous!
Kismet Matte: Matte tiles have a less reflective finish with a 'linen' look to it.  What a great alternative to unglazed tile!  Color throughout and so easy to cut.  Corners are more square than the gloss and iridescent but still work very well together.  Without the added reflection of light, the colors of matte are more saturated and rich and provide a great contrast with the other 2 finishes.
  • Kismet tiles come in 8mm square, 12mm square, "penny" rounds (18mm) , "mini" rounds 8mm, and belli buttons (12mm x 6mm thickness).  Most are offered in 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb bags.  Assortments are offered mostly in 8 oz. bags only.

    All glass, except belli buttons, are 4mm thick, the same as most stained glass.

  • Exchanges may be requested for unopened bags within 30 days; additional shipping charges will apply.
8mm = a little over 1/4"       12mm = a little  less than 1/2"
                                             Kismet    Coverage

          8mm                                                              12mm

* approx. 180 pcs per 4 oz.                       * approx. 94 pcs per 4 oz.
* 1 sq. ft. = approx. 1 lb 8 oz.                    * 1 sq. ft. = approx. 1 lb 8 oz.
   or 1089 pcs                                               or 576 pieces


If you have any additional questions about our mosaic tiles, please email us

Ingenuity + serendipity = Kismet!