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Irregular Petal Shapes

As a result of the manufacturing process, the tiles are exceptionally strong and durable and can be used indoor or outside in extreme conditions with no cracking or fading. 

Because of the "random look" of these tiles they can be used to fill in areas without needing to be cut, similar to our Puzzle Piece Kismet tile (now discontinued).

Manufactured in Turkey using recycled glass.

Our Kismet free-form petals come in a mix of 9 different sizes/shapes can be combined into a beautifully naturalistic display. The petals range from 11mm to 20mm and are 4mm thick. They are designed to be set around a round center (Belli Buttons, Mini Rounds, or Mini Gems). 

These are made of high-fired sintered glass, like the rest of our Kismet tile line, and contain 98% recycled materials. They are UVA and frost resistant.

These come in 4 quantities:

1oz, 18-23 tiles
2oz, 36-46 tiles
4oz, 72-92 tiles and
8oz, 144-160 tiles

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