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Ceramic Rectangle Mosaic Supplies

Ceramic Rectangle Mosaic Supplies

Mosaics have always been about the little pieces coming together to create something beautiful. Traditionally, artists used squares and rectangles, carefully cutting and shaping them for perfect detail and edging. But guess what? We've removed the hard part for you!

Our molded, formed, and glazed rectangles, made from low-fired ceramic. These tiles come in handy sizes to fit any project, and are a great addition to your mosaic supply stash:

  • 5/32" x 13/32"
  • 1/4" x 19/32"
  • 13/32" x 25/32"

Each bag will have a random selection of all 3 sizes.

Each piece is 5/32" thick, making them perfect for all your mosaic needs. With the longest being 25/32" and the shortest 13/32", you'll always find the perfect fit. Just a heads up: if you're planning to use these outdoors, make sure to seal the back first.

Say goodbye to tedious cutting and hello to more creative freedom with our ready-to-use rectangle tiles!

Sold in 3 quantities:

(Note: # of pieces varies depending which sizes you happen to get in the bag.)

  • 1 oz - about 38 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.
  • 2 oz - about 76 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.
  • 4 oz - about 152 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.

There is no control over how many small versus large pieces your receive in order. The product comes mixed from manufacturer and is scooped out for your individual orders.

**Indoor use only unless you seal the back.

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