How to Qualify for a Wholesale Account

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

Here is how to get set up with a wholesale account at Kismet Mosaic.


Please email information about your business to Be sure to include the following:

  • Physical address of your business (home address qualifies if your studio is in your home);
  • Contact information: phone, email;
  • Website URL if you have one;
  • What type of mosaic work you do--i.e., teach, sell your artwork, create commission works, public art, etc.;
  • Do you have a tax license from your state or a Federal EIN? I don't need to know the numbers, just if you have them;
  • Anything else you want to tell me about your mosaic business.

Once I have this, I will set you up with a wholesale discount by your email address and send you the discount code.


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