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Krystal Chrome

Crystal Chrome Mosaic Glass Tile

This Chrome tile is part of the new Kismet Krystal line of glass tiles. The finish is chrome-plated and comes in smooth or rippled varieties. We offer in 10mm (3/8") and 20mm (3/4").

10mm (3/8"), 4mm depth:

    • 2oz - approximately 70 pieces
    • 4oz - approximately 140 pieces
    • 8oz - approximately 280 pieces
    • 16oz (1 pound) - approximately 560 pieces.

20mm (3/4"), 4mm depth:

    • 2oz - approximately 14 pieces
    • 4oz - approximately 29 pieces
    • 8oz - approximately 58 pieces
    • 16oz (1 pound) - approximately 116 pieces.

    Suitable for interior applications only. Should NOT be subjected to wet areas.

    • If you need to cut these tiles, use scoring tool with running pliers. DO NOT use wheeled nippers as will damage them.
    • 10mm squares: 730 tiles per S.F.
    • 20mm squares: 196 tiles per S.F.

    Note: We have tested grouting on the chrome tiles (smooth finish) and the results are no scratching. In the test we rubbed sanded grout lightly and not with a lot of force.


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