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Kismet's Customer Gallery

Below are fabulous pictures sent in by customers of Kismet Mosaic, showing work they have completed using Kismet products! Email with your completed artwork. We will add it to this gallery for all to see and love!


Lawrence Bouton

12mm - Matte finish in various colors. Lawrence cut the tiles and placed on end for the exterior white wall. Very clever and beautiful!

By Lawrence Bouton

Leaf MDF Shape, Kismet glass colors ( 8mm: Fall Mix-Matte and 98-i (veins), 12mm: #1105-m, #1109-m, #185-m,and #198-i for veins )

 By Karen Valentine

Candy Corn MDF with 8mm (#105-i, #40-i and #30-i) Kismet glass tiles.

By Karen Valentine

Linda Brosseau
Barbara Bussler
Karen Valentine Dragonfly

Dress on a Hanger MDF

By Linda Brosseau

Kismet tiles (8mm - gloss)

By Barbara Bussler

Dragonfly MDF with Penny Rounds, Ceramic Petals, 12mm Kismets and other artist's supplies.

by Karen Valentine

Annamaria Parrish Meredith Downs, Azalea Park Mosaic League--Bus Bench

Cat with 149-m (12mm - Carbon Black - Matte) for border, 1107-i (12mm - Chili Red - Iridescent) for collar and 49-i (8mm - Carbon Black - Iridescent) for interior. All Kismet recycled glass tiles.

By Karen Valentine

Kismet triangles for rainbow. In memory of her dog Lucy.

by Annamaria Parish

Meredith Downs
Azalea Park Mosaic League
Bus Bench
Public art piece in San Diego, CA that has kismet Penny Round tiles in the top design.


Al Ciletti-Dorothy
Cheryl Hazen
Salvaged Treasures by Cheryl
by Susan Gillespie "Dorothy" by Al Ciletti
Table top by Kattail Acres Table top by Andi Andree MDF boot form worked by Mary Burke
Table top by Kattail Acres Table top by Andi Andree Mary Burke covered our MDF cowboy boot
Emanuela Allgood
Emanuela Allgood