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c-Lime Green Rectangles

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Lime Green Ceramic Rectangles

Low-fired, glazed ceramic rectangles in 3 different sizes (per bag)

The smallest is 10mm (approx 3/8") long and 4mm (approx 1/8") wide. 4mm depth.

The medium is 15mm (approx 5/8") long and 6mm (approx 1/4") wide. 4mm depth.

The largest is 20mm (approx 13/16") long and 7mm (approx 1/4") wide. 4mm depth.

Sold in 3 quantities:

(Note: # of pieces varies depending which sizes you happen to get in the bag.)

  • 1 oz - approx 38 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.
  • 2 oz - approx 76 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.
  • 4 oz - approx 152 pieces of varying rectangle sizes.

**Indoor use only unless you seal the back.