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Mosaic Materials: Kismet Glass

Kismet Mosaic glass tile manufacturing involves a process that starts with finely ground glass powder mixed with minerals for coloring. The glass powder is placed into molds and subjected to high pressure, which compacts the powder into the desired tile shape. The molded glass is then heated in a kiln to a temperature below its melting point. This heating process, known as sintering, causes the glass particles to bond together without fully melting. The result is a dense, durable tile with a smooth surface. Once the tiles are cooled, they are polished and sometimes coated for added durability and aesthetic appeal. This method produces tiles that are strong, versatile, and perfect for various decorative and functional applications.

They are a perfect addition to your mosaic art supply stash.

8mm Square Tiles Gloss
8mm Square Tiles Iridescent
8mm Square Tiles Matte

12mm Square Tiles Gloss
12mm Square Tiles Iridescent
12mm Square Tiles Matte

25mm Square Tiles Gloss
25mm Square Tiles Iridescent

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