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526-g - Pale Yellow rectangle - Glossy

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Light Yellow - Glossy - Rectangles


Step into warmth and brightness with our Pale Yellow Kismet Tile. This soft, sunny hue radiates the gentle glow of a summer sunrise, filling your space with a sense of optimism and comfort. Perfect for creating inviting garden spaces or cheerful bathroom accents, our Pale Yellow Tile adds a touch of joyful color to any project. Let this delicate shade inspire your creativity, transforming your home into a haven of warmth and positivity. Embrace the uplifting energy of Pale Yellow, making every corner of your space feel like a bright, sunny day.

Recycled Glass Tile

Sometimes called Subway tiles.

Dimensions are 12x38x6mm. (1/2" x 1.5" x 1/4")

They are same recycled Turkish glass as our other Kismet glass tiles.

Great for framing or borders. 


These glass tiles are sold in 4 different quantities:

  • 2oz - (approximately 10 pieces) 
  • 4oz - (approximately 20 pieces)
  • 8oz - (approximately 40 pieces)
  • 16oz - (approximately 80 pieces)

    Great fun for DIY crafters, beginners and/or professionals of mosaic art.


    Inventory 8/4/22

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