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Michele Martinez - Library Commission

We would like for everyone to see and enjoy the largest commissioned project using Kismet Recycled glass tiles to date.

Michele Martinez recently completed an outdoor project at Lucero Library in Pueblo, Colorado. This was a huge project and despite weather obstacles it was presented to the public in July 2017. The mosaic features a boy thinking about his favorite books. It is 15'x20' in size.

Michele designed the artwork and then using special software she pixelated the picture. Using all Kismet Matte finish 8mm Recycled glass tiles, she created the mosaic with 324,000 pieces. Each 8mm tile represented a pixel.


Here are the stages of this mosaic through completion:

Digitized Mural Plan – Digitized guides (on the laptop screen) are used to arrange the glass bits in one-foot square sections. The model for the young reader is the Artist’s nephew, Javier Martinez.
Piecing the Mural – Recycled glass bits are assembled and applied to a mesh backing. The 15 ft. x 20 ft. mural is made of 334,084 mini-tiles.
Pixel Painting – Working with glass bits is like painting in a “Pointilist” style, with one color laid next to another.
Steel frame is being delivered Steel frame erected Laying out some of the completed sections
Erecting the substrate Michele touching up some sections Michele Martinez

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