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19-i Sea Green Kismet 8mm

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8mm Sea Green Iridescent Mosaic Tiles

Dive into tranquility with our Sea Green Kismet Tile. This serene shade mirrors the calm waters of a secluded cove, infusing your space with a sense of peace and natural beauty. Ideal for creating soothing bathroom retreats or refreshing kitchen backsplashes, our Sea Green Tile brings a touch of coastal elegance to any project. Let this gentle hue inspire your creativity, transforming your home into a serene sanctuary where every day feels like a peaceful seaside escape.



v Finishes: Colors come in gloss, iridized, and/or matte finishes

v Vivid Colors: The collection boasts a wide range of blue and purple shades

v High-Quality Glass: Made from durable recycled glass, these tiles offer a smooth finish and consistent color throughout.

v Versatile Application: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these tiles are perfect for art pieces and sculptures on a variety of surfaces, as well as walls, floors, and decorative items.

v Easy to Cut and Shape: The 8mm size allows for precise cutting and shaping, making it easy to create intricate designs and patterns.

v Eco-Friendly: Our manufacturing process prioritizes sustainability, ensuring that these beautiful tiles are also kind to the environment.


v Tile Size: Each tile measures 5/16" x 5/16" x 3/16" deep

v Material: Crafted from high-quality glass, these tiles are built to last and maintain their vibrant color over time.

v Package Quantity: Available in quantities from 1 ounce to 2.5 pounds to suit your project needs.

v Color Variations: Product size comes in an array of colors.

v Usage: Suitable for a variety of projects, including mosaic art, home decor, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom installations, and more.

v Installation: Can be used with standard mosaic adhesives and grouts and are easy to clean and maintain.


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