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211-i - Lime Green - Iridescent Penny Rounds

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Lime Green - Iridescent Penny Rounds

Pucker up with our Lime Green Kismet Tile, where boldness and zest come to life. This vibrant, electrifying shade captures the lively essence of fresh limes, bursting with energy and excitement. Perfect for adding a dynamic pop of color to your kitchen backsplash or a playful touch to your outdoor mosaic, our Lime Green Tile invigorates any space with its bright, refreshing hue. Let this spirited green inspire your creativity, transforming your home into a lively, joyful haven. Embrace the vivacious charm of Lime Green, making every day feel like a festive, sunlit summer celebration.

Recycled Mosaic Glass

18mm is slightly less than 3/4" in size. 4mm depth.

These glass tiles are available in 5 different quantities: 

  • Sample - a single mounted tile to help gauge color and size
  • 2oz - (approximately 27 pieces)
  • 4oz - (approximately 53 pieces)
  • 8oz - (approximately 106 pieces)
  • 16oz (1 pound) - (approximately 212 pieces)

    UV and Frost resistant.

    Can be used indoors and outdoors.


    Inventory 7/25/22

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