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cc-Cyan Ceramic Curves

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Cyan Ceramic Curves

These tiles introduce a whole new language of shapes. Wonderful for making the Art Nouveau and Deco designs. And no cutting!

The mix is made up of: a 1/4 Curve with an inner diameter of 3/8", a 1/4 Curve with an inner diameter of 3/4" and a 1/4 Circle of 1/2". All are 5mm (1/5") thick.

These pare perfectly with our Ceramic Rounds! Please note that this collection is low fired and will need to be sealed before use in freezing conditions.


(Note: # of pieces varies depending which sizes you happen to get in the bag.)

  • 1 oz - approx 20 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 2 oz - approx 40 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 4 oz - approx 80 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 8 oz - approx 160 pieces of varying sizes.

**Indoor use only unless you seal the back. We recommend a 1:5 mixture of Weldbond and water.

Transparent Pricing:
My cost per ounce: $.36
Labor, Supplies, and Overhead costs: $.73

Added to product line August 2021