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D17-g Kismet Diamond Pink Gloss

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Diamond Tile, 17-g Pink Gloss

Dive into tranquility with our Sea Green Kismet Tile. This serene shade mirrors the calm waters of a secluded cove, infusing your space with a sense of peace and natural beauty. Ideal for creating soothing bathroom retreats or refreshing kitchen backsplashes, our Sea Green Tile brings a touch of coastal elegance to any project. Let this gentle hue inspire your creativity, transforming your home into a serene sanctuary where every day feels like a peaceful seaside escape.


These opaque sintered glass diamonds with a high-gloss finish. Each is 12mm (just under 1/2") long on the 4 sides and 5-6mm just under 1/4") thick, length is approximately 18mm .70"), the width is approximately 12mm (.47"). Can be used indoors or outside. 

These come in 4 quantities:
1oz, 17 tiles
2oz, 34 tiles
4oz, 68 tiles and
8oz, 136 tiles

1 square foot uses approximately 360 tiles, or 1lb, 6oz

*50g = ±30 pieces
*500g = ±300 pieces
*UVA-resistant, Frost-resistant
*High-gloss finish
*Full-body opaque colour
*Cut using wheeled nippers
*Suitable for use indoors or out
*98% recycled glass, 2% mineral oxides for color
*eco friendly and sustainable


Inventory 2/3/23

Restocked 5/6/23

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