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SP40-g Kismet Petal White Gloss

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Kismet Petal, SP40-g White Gloss

Our Kismet free-form petals come in a mix of 9 different sizes/shapes can be combined into a beautifully naturalistic display. The petals range from 11mm to 20mm and are 4mm thick. They are designed to be set around a round center (Belli Buttons, Mini Rounds, or Mini Gems). 
These are made of high-fired sintered glass, like the rest of our Kismet tile line, and contain 98% recycled materials. They are UVA and frost resistant.

These come in 4 quantities:

1oz, 18-20 tiles
2oz, 36-40 tiles
4oz, 72-80 tiles and
8oz, 144-160 tiles

Stocked 10/13/23

Restocked 3/22/24

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