Converting from warehouse to retail

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

In spring 2020 we began the process of converting the warehouse from loose tile to pre-bagged product. This turned out to be a huge help as a labor saving help during cancer treatment recovery.

Now that most of the product is bagged the process has moved to preparing the space for retail sales. The idea is that, once we're able to reopen, customers will be able to shop the whole warehouse rather than the small retail area we used to have.

To that end we're in the process of putting bar code tags on all the products. The product bin is removed from the shelf, the bagged products counted, inventory updated and tags created and affixed to the products, the products re-binned, and placed back on the shelf. A sample of the product is glued to the front of the bin for reference.

As of the writing of this article the products remaining to be tagged are the Kismet 8mm and 12mm and the Krystal products--or about 1/2 the products.

Right now we're open by appointment only for shopping, but someday soon. . .



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