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I’m looking for feedback on the Krystal line of tiles.

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

We carry these tiles in 4 sizes: 10mm square, 20mm square, round, and rectangular. There is also a limited line of metallic tiles available.


I’ll be honest, I personally don’t care for these tiles. There are pros and cons to them, which I’ll lay out below. But my dislike of these tiles started years ago, before I ever heard of Kismet or Krystal.


They are manufactured in China. Not that this is a bad thing, overall, but with COVID-19 issues affecting shipping, along with possible tariffs, the prices will most likely go up when/if I restock the line.


So I would like your feedback.



Cost is less expensive than other tiles                     

The color range is wider than most glass tile        

Thickness matches with other glass tiles                




Backing scratches and chips easily

Tile sizes don’t coordinate with Kismet line

Cutting tiles can leave sharp edges

Long lead time and shipping time when restocking


  • Hi Juanita,
    Personally, I would rather not buy products made in China. I try to look for American made in everything. But I wouldn’t hold it against you either way ☺️
    My prayers are with you in your recovery 🙏🏻

    Sharon Allen on

  • Hi Juanita
    Coming from China can be a real pain. You need to do what is best for your business. It will not change my buying from you. I know Maryland but I order from you much more than them. The Krystals you sell now offer a good size range and great colors but I am sure we would all find substitutes if you discontinued them. Best of luck on your next round! you are in our prayers!

    Elyse Flack on

  • I’ve only just discovered Krystal tiles and I am loving them. I like the bright colours, the fact that I can get round shapes, and the crystal look of them. I would certainly not stop ordering from you and I do love your other tiles as well. They all have their uses in my work.

    Kathy Schaffer on

  • I like the tiles, great colors, and they have a unique look, slightly dimensional and a variety of sizes. I would certainly still buy from you, though, if you discontinued.
    Wishing the best for you.

    Maureen Wellard on

  • I happen to love working with these tiles.
    Great colors, clean look, good price, easy to work with.
    If you stopped carrying these, I will miss them but I will NOT stop ordering from you. Thank you

    LWS on

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