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I’m looking for feedback on the Krystal line of tiles.

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

We carry these tiles in 4 sizes: 10mm square, 20mm square, round, and rectangular. There is also a limited line of metallic tiles available.


I’ll be honest, I personally don’t care for these tiles. There are pros and cons to them, which I’ll lay out below. But my dislike of these tiles started years ago, before I ever heard of Kismet or Krystal.


They are manufactured in China. Not that this is a bad thing, overall, but with COVID-19 issues affecting shipping, along with possible tariffs, the prices will most likely go up when/if I restock the line.


So I would like your feedback.



Cost is less expensive than other tiles                     

The color range is wider than most glass tile        

Thickness matches with other glass tiles                




Backing scratches and chips easily

Tile sizes don’t coordinate with Kismet line

Cutting tiles can leave sharp edges

Long lead time and shipping time when restocking


  • I love them, Really like the chrome- would like to order the 10 mm in gold and silver chrome.
    If you discontinue them – I will still purchase product from you. Love your prices and other great offers you have.


  • Hi Juanita,
    No, I would not be mad enough to stop shopping with you! However, I do like to use the Krystal tiles a lot. I like the clear looking color of them. But, certainly do what you need to do!
    I don’t know if your radiation is on one particular spot, or how they are doing yours. But my 93 yr old dad had radiation on his arm for a sarcoma, and I always put a cold cloth on it afterwards, and then applied a thick layer of natural aloe. The dr could not believe how well his skin looked after six weeks, five days a week of radiation, aimed at one spot.
    Wishing you the best, Lisa Vermeire

    LIsa Vermeire VERMEIRE on

  • I bought these,but I find that I never use them! Much harder to cut than my favorite foil-icious and ofcourse my favorite kismet tiles.
    Sending healing thoughts!

    Barbara Lillich on

  • I would be very disappointed if you decided to discontinue the Krystal tiles. These tiles are all that I use for my mosaic projects. You are the only one that I know of that has a very good variety of colors to choose from.I have been getting these tiles from you for several years now,so please don’t discontinue them!!! I understand you not getting these tiles from China,since this whole COVID-19 pandemic. I was in hopes that there would be a different company you could get them from and still have a good variety of colors to choose from. I was looking at the link you had posted to see if they had the colors that I needed,but they don’t have as big of a selection to choose from like you do.

    Jodie Matthews on

  • I did like that they were the same thickness as the other tiles I was using. They did leave some sharp edges. I did like the glow it gave to my piece. I would be okay without them.

    Andi on

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