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My "Brain Dump" Practice

Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

For the past 6-8 months I have been taking a meeting with myself every 2 weeks on a Wednesday afternoon. I go to a quiet spot, sometimes a local bakery or coffee house, now that the weather is nice I head to a park or outdoor seating area, and do what I call a "Brain Dump." 

The practice started when I had too many thoughts in my head to consider any one of them coherently. So I took my favorite notebook (with a dark blue leather cover), sat with a cup of coffee, and wrote until my brain ran dry. 

Most of my thoughts when I do this are about work stuff--what I want to do, how I think I could do it, what I need to do and by when, and so on--but I allow my mind to go wherever it wants.

Sometimes the end result is a page and a half, other times it rambles on for several pages. Sometimes it's just a list of things to do. Those I put a line in front of so I can add a check mark when they're done if I go back over that page. 

I've found it to be a helpful practice for figuring out what is important to me and as a place to flesh out ideas and big-picture overviews. In fact, the work I'm doing in my store now, the tile showroom setup, started with this practice. 

I don't keep a daily journal (other than my calendar, and that may be a whole other blog post) but my "brain dump" is my by-weekly journal. And it's usually always with me if I feel I want to journal, or chart a knitting pattern or art piece I'm figuring out.


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