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I’d like to tell you a bit about Kismet Mosaic’s “green” efforts

Reuse and Recycle:

Our line of Kismet tiles are made from broken windows and scrapped bottles. These are pulverized into a fine powder. This powder is sintered—pressed and kiln-fired—to for tiles. The tiles use 98% recycled material and 2% coloring agents and stabilizers.

We recycle our unusable elements into packing materials. The backing of our barcode stickers go into the random plastic bags our product bags come in to create pieces to fill in the spaces in your box to lessen the risk of damage during shipment.

Our single use plastic bags go to a collection that uses them to create building materials. Most of our tile come in plastic bags. Most of these, and grocery store plastic bags, go to one of our neighboring businesses who collect them to pass on to the company that makes Trex plastic decking.

I reuse packing materials that are donated by the same business that takes our plastic bags. I also reuse the bubble wrap that comes with my inventory orders. If I need, I’ll also put out a call through our local Freecycle to take in packing materials.


I drive a hybrid and walk to work on days when I don’t need my car for business use or errands. I live about 5 blocks from the store, so walking is my transport during nice weather. I also have a bike but it has issues that need to be fixed before it’s reliable.

I have a programmable thermostat and keep the temperature at around 63 degrees in the winter. The store gets a lot of sunshine through the day and soe days I even need to lower the temperature.

In-Store Greenery

I have 3 plants in the store that help to make the place more friendly. My favorites are the geranium and the orchid. The other is an odd succulent that seems to be thriving. I don’t let it get too leggy because it wants to put out rooted shoots that just have no place to go.


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