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Posted by Juanita Canzoneri on

At the beginning of the year we moved all of the product shelves (aka the shopping and order picking area) towards the back of the shop.

Shop move #1Shop Move #2

Shop move #3Shop move #4--Krystal area

Then I had a bit of a physical hiatus to build tile sample sheets, take photos for the website, and get the product part of the process started.

(I also had a gallery show to finish pieces for. That deadline was the end of April.)

Once I was able to focus attention to the showroom space again I started laying carpet tile. My design colors for the space are black, white, and gray. That way the tile colors stand out more.

See that pile of white boxes against the wall? That is soooo much carpet tile. I bought it from a tile layer who was clearing out his storage space. I bought about 7 boxes to begin with. Then a month later, fearing I may have been more conservative in my space considerations I texted him and told him I'd buy the rest of what he had (thinking it was only about 7-10 boxes). Silly me! I still have 26 boxes left and will probably end up carpeting the shelf area where the products are at some point.

Now that the floor and baseboard have been completed, I have displays to focus on. The 3 wall displays went in Monday, 5/13. 

I assembled one of the standing displays 5/14 and gave myself a blister in my palm from my hand-held screwdriver. 

More to come.





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