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001-g Pastel Green

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12mm 001-g Pastel Green Gloss Kismet Tile


Recycled Mosaic Glass


These 12mm glossy glass tiles are sold in 6 different quantities:

  • 1oz - (approximately 22 pieces) 
  • 2oz - (approximately 45 pieces)
  • 4oz - (approximately 90 pieces) 
  • 8oz - (approximately 180 pieces)
  • 16oz (1 pound) - (approximately 360 pieces)
  • Sample - a tile or 2 to give you a feeling for the color and size of the tiles

      12mm is 15/32" or slightly smaller than 1/2" in size. Depth is 4mm.


      • 1 sq. ft. = approx. 1 lb 8 oz or 576 pieces.

      Kismet tile is made of 97% recycled waste glass which is milled to a fine powder and mixed with pigments. The resulting tiles are glossy, vibrant, opaque, with solid color throughout the tile.

      These tiles are UV and Frost resistant, perfect for indoor as well as outdoor projects, in wet areas and are rated for light commercial flooring. The tiles cut easily with wheeled nippers.

      For FAQs on Kismet Glass, including 'how much to order', see Product Info tab.


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