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71-i Indigo Blue

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8mm Indigo Blue Iridescent Mosaic Tiles

Recycled Mosaic Glass Tile

Elevate your mosaic art with our enchanting iridized indigo mini tiles. Is indigo blue or purple? This color is definitely blue. These tiles are crafted from recycled glass and colored with natural mineral oxides, ensuring both beauty and sustainability.

Each tile is stamped individually and annealed in a linear kiln, resulting in exceptional strength and durability. They are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, including UVA exposure and frost, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The Kismet tile collection is designed for ease of use, cutting easily and accurately with wheeled nippers, and producing minimal crumbling or waste. These tiles feature an iridescent high-gloss finish that adds a touch of elegance to any mosaic. The slightly rounded edges provide texture and depth to your designs, enhancing their visual appeal

8mm is 5/16" or slightly larger than 1/4" in size. 4mm depth.

These glass tiles are sold in 6 different quantities:

  • 1oz - (approximately 45 pieces) 
  • 2oz - (approximately 90 pieces) 
  • 4oz - (approximately 180 pieces) 
  • 8oz - (approximately 360 pieces)
  • 16oz - (approximately 720 pieces)
  • Sample - a few tiles to give you a feeling for their color and size


    • 1 sq. ft. = approx. 1 lb 8 oz or 1089 pieces.

    UV and Frost resistant so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Great fun for a DIY crafters, beginners and/or professionals of mosaic art.

    Can be used for Micro-mosaic artwork.


    Inventory 6/21/22

    Restocked 4/29/24,10/9/23

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