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Black Ceramic Curves

These tiles introduce a whole new language of shapes. Wonderful for making the Art Nouveau and Deco designs. And no cutting!

The mix is made up of: a 1/4 Curve with an inner diameter of 3/8", a 1/4 Curve with an inner diameter of 3/4" and a 1/4 Circle of 1/2". All are 5mm (1/5") thick.

These pare perfectly with our Ceramic Rounds! Please note that this collection is low fired and will need to be sealed before use in freezing conditions.

There is no control over how many small versus large pieces your receive in order. The product comes mixed from manufacturer and is scooped out for your individual orders.

Sold in 4 quantities:

(Note: # of pieces varies depending which sizes you happen to get in the bag.)

  • 1 oz - approx 20 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 2 oz - approx 40 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 4 oz - approx 80 pieces of varying sizes.
  • 8 oz - approx 160 pieces of varying sizes.

**Indoor use only unless you seal the back. We recommend a 1:5 mixture of Weldbond and water.

Use the ceramic curve with other products of same thickness: Ceramic PetalsCeramic TeardropsCeramic Rectangles, Ceramic Rounds, Ceramic Triangles, Ceramic Charms, Kismet Rectangles, and Kismet Mini-Rectangles.


 Inventory 11/25/22

Restocked 9/18/23

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