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FL15 - Russet

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15mm - Russet - Foil Glass Tile

    15mm (9/16"). Depth is 4mm.

    Coverage: 1 sq. ft. = approx. 580 pieces.

    These tiles are made from molded transparent glass with full body color and then metallic foil heat is heat fused to the back to produce a vivid mirror-like reflective tile. This line is a reproduction of Sicis Colibri, but is much more affordable.

    • UVA and frost resistant
    • Adhesive: Weldbond (any pH neutral glue), Thinset, Silicone.
    • Metallic fused backing
    • Film mounted (on front) for easy removal or installation


    Bathroom, Fireplace, Floor, Frost Resistant, Hobby, Indoor, Kitchen, Outdoor, UV-A Resistant, Walls. Don't use in pools or wet areas with chlorine.


    Inventory 12/22/22

    Restock 4/12/24

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