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cr-Silver Round

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Silver Ceramic Round

The small round is approx 1/2" diameter and 5mm (approx 1/5") depth.

The medium round is approx 5/8" diameter and 5mm depth.

The large round is approx 3/4" diameter and 5mm depth.

Sold in 3 quantities:

  • 1 oz - approx 13 pieces each size.
  • 2 oz - approx 26 pieces each size.
  • 4 oz - approx 52 pieces each size.

High fired ceramic *UVA resistant* can be cut with wheeled nippers

**To use outside please seal the back with diluted PVA or Primer G Seal the back side before use in extreme cold weather.

There is no control over how many small versus large pieces your receive in order. The product comes mixed from manufacturer and is scooped out for your individual orders.

Use the ceramic rounds with other products of same thickness: Ceramic PetalsCeramic TeardropsCeramic RectanglesKismet Rectangles, and Kismet Mini-Rectangles.


Inventory 11/18/22

Restocked 2/28/23

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