Mirror Glass

Spectrum - Mirror Glass (Silvercoat)

(As I'm sure many people have seen, Spectrum Glass is closing it's doors after 40  years in business. Very sad to see such a successful and popular Stained glass company close it's doors.  Spectrum stained glass is becoming more and more difficult to purchase. We were able to acquire some Silvercoat stained glass, but paid a premium price. The amounts we have are LIMITED quantities and the prices have increased. We hope that Silvercoats will be manufactured again in the future by other companies! Fingers crossed!)

Beautiful as a addition with Kismet glass to decorate your mosaic piece. Sold in 1/2" pieces (50 count), 2" (4 count) and 6" piece. The thickness is 4mm - same as Kismet glass tiles.

** At this time we only have the 2" pieces.

It is not recommended to use Weldbond Glue with Mirror glass due to the foil backing which can degrade over time with acid-based adhesives. Use GE Silicone II, Thinset or Apoxie Sculpt as the adhesive.

** Can be cut up (with Leponitt Wheeled Nippers) to make smaller pieces which can be used in the Jewelry bezels with Apoxie Sculpt!!